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India has strong legal framework to protect intellectual property rights: Boeing

India has strong legal framework to protect intellectual property rights: Boeing (© Reuters)

Washington: Even as a section of the US’ corporate sector lobbies against India over protection of intellectual property (IP) rights, American aircraft foremost Boeing, On Saturday said the country has a strong officially authorized framework to protect such rights.

“In Boeing’s experience, India has a officially authorized framework that is passable to protect IP with no known suitcases of IP violation relating Boeing’s activities in the defence and aerospace sector,” the American multinational said in its remarks submitted to US Trade Fee (USITC).

The USITC this week conducted a hearing in connection with its investigation “Trade, Investment, and Manufacturing Policies in India: Effects on the US Economy”.

The statement from Boeing, which has foremost investment and investigate and development centres in India and has expected orders worth billions of dollars in the aviation and defence sector, assumes significance in view of the fact that a section of influential American corporate sector has been lobbying at the Capitol Hill and the Obama handing out against India’s intellectual property regime.

“A detailed review of Boeing’s enterprise-wide activities in India, including the export of Boeing products, as well as sourcing activities, indicates an passable IPR officially authorized framework is in house for Boeing’s aerospace and defence products in India,” the statement said.

“Boeing has had a positive experience with Indian customers, partners, and suppliers on IPR protection. Boeing continues to mind efforts by India’s ministry of defence to indigenize defence production in India to reach strategic self-reliance,” the company said in its four page submission.

According to the statement, Boeing is the release leading producer, by dollar value, of US exports to India.

“In view of the fact that late 2005, Boeing has secured contracts from Indian buyers worth tens of billions of US dollars, which is making and will sustain at least an estimated 180 thousand US jobs in a high cleverness, high value diligence over the delivery period of these contracts,” the company said.

“India has emerged as one of the leading export markets for Boeing (5th leading for Boeing Money-making Airplanes and 2nd leading for Boeing Defense, in stipulations of promote the makings) and is a key promote that Boeing will continue to mend in the future,” it said.

Coming in strong defence of India’s IP regime, Boeing said Indian laws applicable to the range of the company’s business activities in India are comparable to IPR regulations in additional developed countries, as India is a participant to all foremost conventions and treaties on this subject.

“Additionally, in our experience, there have not been any foremost patent violations in India pertaining to Boeing’s defence/aerospace products. Boeing sells its products (defence and aviation) to the regime of India (Gol) and private airlines where our IPR is contractually protected; we see minimal risk of manufactured goods IPR violations by the GoI and private airlines,” the company said.

Noting that it has worked extensively with Indian suppliers especially in the IT sector and with strategic investigate and development partners for over a long period of time, the company said foremost Boeing software and Information Equipment (IT) suppliers from India like Infosys, TCS, HCL and WIPRO have very mature IT service delivery models and Intellectual Property Management (IPM) practices and tools.

“They work with all leading Chance 500 companies across the world and hence have world-class practices to protect IPR and information wellbeing for their global customers. They have worked closely with Boeing Information Wellbeing and Supplier Management teams to ensure that all Boeing processes on arrangement, access and information wellbeing are adhered to strictly,” it said.

On the investigate and development side, Boeing has established foremost investigate partnerships with several partners in India, including with academia (head of disorder institutes, like the IITs, IISc), regime labs (such as, Inhabitant Aerospace Laboratories and Inhabitant Metallurgical Laboratories) and diligence.

“Our experience has been that all Indian partners have consistently honoured these contractual agreements, including NDAs, intellectual property protection and additional correlated conditions,” Boeing said.

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